What Countries Use Military Time?

What Countries Use Military Time?

Updated: August 30, 2021

Military time is a way of either writing or saying the time, used by various armies and other similar organizations worldwide. It is basically the same as 24-hour time, with some slight differences in how it is expressed.

Which Countries Use Military Time?

The countries that use military time are Canada, the US, the UK, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Pakistan, and Malaysia. In these countries, the specific military way of writing and stating the time is used by the military and similar organizations.

When they need to be specific about the time, most of the other countries usually use a slightly different version of 24-hour time. While other countries' system is not the same as military time, they all have different ways of specifically stating 24-hour time.

Do Most European Countries Use Military Time?

As we just pointed out, the UK and Ireland are the only European country which uses military time. This is because they speak English as a national Language. 24-hour time is commonly used across Europe, although uses of it are different from military time.

What Is the Purpose of Military Time?

The purpose of military time is to make a clear distinction between 24-hour time and 12-hour time.

It was first used in World War I by Canadian units who were fighting in France. They wanted to make a clear distinction between AM and PM because mistakes in timing could be disastrous. They began saying things like 'zero three hundred', so they would definitely set off at 3 AM, when it was dark, rather than at 3 PM when it wasn't. After successful use in World War I, armies began to use military time as standard.

By World War II, military time had been formally introduced to various armies around the world.

How to Convert Standard Time to Military Time

You can convert standard time to military time using an online military time converter.

Alternatively, just get in the habit of converting it yourself. For a number before 10 AM, you need to add an 0 to the start. For 10, 11, and 12 o'clock, remember to say the hours first. After 12 PM (noon), you have to convert it to 24-hour time and then say it. Just count up from 12 until you get to the time you're on.

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