How To Set an Old Fashioned Alarm Clock?

How To Set an Old Fashioned Alarm Clock?

Updated: September 13, 2020

Old fashioned alarm clocks carry a certain charm with them. They make this distinct tick and tock sound that, for some people, feels relaxing and calming. Not to mention, they're easy-to-use, portable, and rechargeable, which means that they'll keep time and wake you up, even if there's no electricity.

Plus, old fashioned alarm clocks are fairly loud. They're perfect for heavy sleepers. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use these old fashioned alarm clocks.

Below, we'll solve this problem by teaching you how to set a twin bell alarm clock and a wind-up alarm clock.

How to Set a Twin Bell Alarm Clock?

Traditionally, twin bell alarm clocks only have a single spring-loaded small knob. This is used to adjust both the minute hand and the alarm hand.

If you look closely at the rear portion of the alarm clock, you should be able to find the knob.

To set the alarm, you need to push (or pull) the knob while rotating it, and by design, you can only rotate the alarm hand in a single direction. So, if you make a mistake, you'll have to set it from the start all over again.

In any case, once you've finished rotating the alarm hand, all you need to do is to push either a button or lever to turn the alarm on. This can be the same button or lever used to turn the alarm off. However, in certain models, a separate button at the top of the clock is used that's appropriately labeled as the "Alarm" that you will have to push so you can set your desired alarm time.

How to Set a Wind Up Alarm Clock?

Wind up alarm clocks are a type of alarm clock that can work without a battery. To set a wind up alarm clock, you need to follow the same steps required by setting a twin bell alarm clock. Additionally, as these alarm clocks work without an external power source, you also need to wind-up these clocks. To do it, use the wind-up key and turn that key clockwise until it stops. Once it stops, don't push more as you may break it.


There are numerous reasons why you should think of switching to an old-fashioned alarm clock.

In addition to being simpler to use, using old-fashioned alarm clocks help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation and harmful blue lights.

With that said, you can use these tips to set your old-fashioned alarm clock.