Alarm Clocks - Alarm Clock Buyer's Guide

Are you looking for the best alarm clock? Then, check our reviews and buyer's guide to find the best alarm clocks available on the market in 2020.

Alarm Clocks - Alarm Clock Buyer's Guide

Nowadays, it's normal to control the number of hours we sleep, thanks to the alarm clock's invention. Cell phones also offer the alarm function, but you can't compare this service to that of the enhanced bedside buzzers.

Moreover, the recent advancements in technology add many amazing features to the bedroom timer. With all these features, it would be somewhat challenging to pick out the best wake-up watches. So, what are the best alarm clocks?

They are simply the ones or types that are most suitable for you. It all depends on the type you deem fit. But what is the best type of alarm clock? This article talks about the kinds and features of an alarm clock as well as a comprehensive buyer's guide.

Types of Alarm Clocks

There are numerous types of alarm clocks, but they fall under the two broader categories of traditional and digital alarm clocks. While some of us enjoy the analog alarm clocks' tingling sound, most people prefer the smartness and additional digital alarm clock features.

The digital display, multiple sounds, and smart features of these recent clocks endear them a larger customer base than the traditional bell and wind up watches. Let's see them in more detail.

Traditional alarm clocks

These buzzers are majorly the ones that have either one or two bells that make the wake-up sound. The ringing process is mechanical, through a gear that powers the hammer, which hits the bell(s). They are of two types; the twin bell and wind-up alarm clocks.

If you love to wake up to the clanging of metals, then you should go for a twin bell alarm. The twin bell alarm clock has two bells that sandwich the ringing hammer. The ringer sets off immediately, and it's your wake-up time.

Also, wind-up alarm clocks are the go-to option for those who don't trust their power system. The wind-up clocks don't need a power source, so it functions well in all sorts of weather. All you need to do is to wind the crown to up the energy, and you're sure to have your wake-up ring.

Digital alarm clocks

For those who love smart features in their gadgets, the digital alarm clock is the best option. These timers come with the latest tech innovations like the sunrise, Bluetooth, and projection features. Some clocks have a Bluetooth connection in case you want to play your music on your phone.

More so, you mustn't view the screen to see the time as some digital buzzers project the time to the wall or ceiling. Also, the sunrise alarm clocks create artificial sun-like light in your room for the best results.

Old fashioned alarm clocks need constant time adjustments, but modern devices have automatic time sync. Hence, even if the power goes off, it sets the time on its own. An atomic alarm clock guarantees pinpoint accuracy and intuitive updating.

How to Choose an Alarm Clock?

Recently, we tend to be overwhelmed with the numerous characteristics of an alarm clock. Thus, confusion sets in as to what exactly you need in your bedside buzzer. Not to worry, we've highlighted some features you might fancy to help you answer the question: What should I look for in an alarm clock?


You should go for a brand of an alarm clock that ticks all your boxes when it comes to design. Several brands of alarm clock come with varying designs as well as colors. Endeavor to go with a brilliant color that matches and brightens your room d├ęcor.

Also, you should consider the display to help when checking time and other data like temperature. It's better to go with a cool alarm clock that has an LCD or LED and backlight to enhance readability with ease.


This feature decides the kind and level of wake-up tune of the alarm. In addition, it's an essential factor to consider, especially if the clock will be in the kids' room. In this case, you may want to choose an alarm clock that enables playback music and features adjustable volume.

Moreover, since most of them serve as Bluetooth speakers or radio, you might want to go for one with refined sound. It will also help to get a device that fits your hearing abilities. Clock sounds range from 60 - 100 decibels. Also, ensure the quality of the sound is top-notch.

Snooze button

You may want to go for one with a snooze button if you intend to delay wake time a bit. Most alarm clocks only allow a nine-minute snooze between rings. Hence, try and get a buzzer with a handy button that is a one-click and easy to access.

Backlight button

What's the need for a bedside alarm clock if you can't see the time? Backlight helps to brighten the LCD enough for visibility. A backlight button feature is necessary to control the display's level of brightness. It's an essential feature to check out, especially in an alarm clock for seniors, to ensure it's not too bright.

Alarm customization

Some persons may not wake up to the first ring and would require subsequent buzzes. Thus, it becomes necessary to customize your alarm rings to suit your wake up schedule. Getting a dual alarm clock is the best way to achieve this as it allows you to set up to two different wake times.


Few brands of alarm clocks don't just display time or temperature digits on the LCD but also project it on the walls or ceiling. So, if you loathe the stress of twisting and turning to view the screen, then you should get an alarm clock with a projector.

USB charging

Power is one limiting factor in alarm clocks that do not use batteries. But, with the USB charging feature, you could easily charge it with your phone charger. Besides, you should also check if the charger spot is in a convenient position.


If you wish to enjoy Wi-Fi and wireless charging features, you should get an alarm clock that has connectivity. This helps to connect to other smart devices and the internet. It's a great addition as it also enhances the time sync and accuracy function.


The Bluetooth capability enables you to connect to other devices like your computer or smartphones. It's a necessary feature in stereo alarm clocks so that you can listen to your playlist through the alarm's speaker.


Some bedside clocks offer smart functions like wireless connectivity and voice commands. You could operate it from any distance once it's linked with the internet. Using Amazon Echo helps you make calls and set alarms with the action words.

Alarm Clock Alternatives

For some reason, one may decide not to invest in buzzing clocks. In the absence of alarm clocks, other gadgets could take up the job of accurate timing. These devices don't necessarily need to make sound or ring. However, they achieve the same task of waking you up anytime you wish.

Phone alarms

Nowadays, with your phone on pre-alarm setup, you have little need for a clock. Smartphones present a more budget-friendly means of waking up to an alarm. And the best part is you don't need to pay any extra charge apart from the phone's fee.

However, you could do with a little smartphone detox for better sleep time. Try charging at a distance from the bedside to avoid disturbance, or you could deactivate some triggering apps.

Online alarm clocks

Do alarm clocks work online? The answer is yes, only if it is an online alarm clock. Online alarm clocks help users who need an alarm app's services but don't wish to install it. More so, they depend solely on the computer's activeness, but they cannot function when the computer is in sleep mode.

Smart lights

You may choose to go for lighting alarms if you don't like those with blaring sounds. Light can stimulate hormones in the body to ensure a more peaceful way to wake up. The Philips Hue is famous for some of the best smart lights. They offer a vast range of models.

Wrap Up

Buying an excellent alarm clock from an online or home device store may not be as easy as it seems. If you don't know how to choose a good alarm clock, you may make mistakes. However, this guide explains the necessary things you need to know and consider to get an alarm clock that fits your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alarm Clocks

Here are the frequently asked questions about alarm clocks.

Do people still buy alarm clocks?

Yes! Although smartphones have changed many things in our lives, most of the phone speakers are still not as effective as traditional alarm clocks. Additionally, there are still many people who don't own any smartphones.

Where are alarm clocks made?

Most of the alarm clocks available on the market are made in China. On the other hand, it is very hard to find alarm clocks made in the USA.

What is the best alarm clock to wake you up?

If you are a deep sleeper, then a snooze proof alarm clock for heavy sleepers is the best alarm clock to wake you up. However, if you are a light sleeper, then you may need a silent or vibrating alarm clock.

What is the most effective alarm clock?

If you are not a heavy sleeper, then sunrise alarm clocks are the most effective alarm clocks.

What is the most reliable alarm clock?

Twin bell alarm clocks are the most reliable alarm clocks.

What is the easiest alarm clock to use?

Wind-up alarm clocks are the easiest alarm clocks to use.

What is an analog alarm clock?

An analog alarm clock is a mechanical alarm clock that is mostly powered by a battery or wall electricity.

What is an atomic alarm clock?

An atomic alarm clock is a radio-controlled alarm clock that synchronizes itself with the time broadcast by the NIST.

What is a silent alarm clock?

A silent alarm clock is an alarm clock with no ticking hands that wakes you up without disturbing your partner.

What is a smart alarm clock?

A smart alarm clock is an alarm clock that can connect to other devices or can be controlled by voice.

What is a dual alarm clock?

A dual alarm clock offers two alarms for awakening at different times.

How do you set an alarm without waking roommates?

Can you set an alarm on the computer?

Yes, you can. Online Alarm Clock allows you to set an alarm on your computer without installing anything on your PC or laptop.

What is the fear of alarm clocks called?

There is not a specific term for fear of alarm clocks. However, it should be noted that phonophobia is the fear of loud sounds.

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