Best Twin Bell Alarm Clocks

5 Best Twin Bell Alarm Clocks in 2020

Updated: September 6, 2020

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In a world where digital devices are the order of the day, you'll be correct to call the twin bell alarm clock outdated. However, some people still appreciate the beauty of the oval faced timer and bedside buzzer.

Besides, some people prefer analog mode to the trendy digital display seen all over the place. Moreover, the analog twin bell will appeal so much to your fancy if you don't like flashy devices.

This review highlights the best twin bell alarm clocks, with a detailed guide to help you make an educated buy.

Best Twin Bell Alarm Clocks

Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Editor's Choice

Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock Pixel

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With the Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock, you would agree with us that the old way is the best. No matter how heavy a sleeper you are, there is no way in hell that you'll sleep through its alarm ring. What of the impaired in hearing? Not a single worry! This clock is loud enough to wake a sleeping camel.

Moreover, if you love checking the time, it has clear/legible hour and minute hands with a lighting button, great for dark rooms.

Product features:

  • Backlight
  • Alarm switch
  • Stereoscopic numbering

What we like:

  • Silent operation
  • Easy to read and use
  • Loud and accurate

What we don't like:

  • Not mechanical

Sharp SPC800 Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Best Budget

Sharp SPC800 Twin Bell Alarm Clock Sharp SPC800 Twin Bell Alarm Clock Pixel

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Retro style with grace! The Sharp Twin Bell Alarm Clock is perfect for the deep sleepers. It has a loud alarm that gets you up from far away dreamland to a bright morning. And it does so with an AAA-battery power source.

You need not grovel in the dark to see the time. All you need is to touch the button behind to switch on the light across the dial for night viewing.

Product features:

What we like:

  • Light-able dial
  • Illuminated hands
  • Loud

What we don't like:

  • Not durable

Konigswerk Analog Alarm Clock

Best Design

Konigswerk Analog Alarm Clock Konigswerk Analog Alarm Clock Pixel

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If you detest the disturbing tick rock noise of analog clocks, then get the Konigswerk Analog Alarm Clock. You're sure to get adequate sleep thanks to the non-ticking feature. More so, you get to wake inÆ’ good time too because of the super alarm sound.

You don't need to look twice to tell the time since the roman numeral dials are clear and legible. And due to its fantastic body finish, it fits into smoothly into your room decor.

Product features:

  • 4-inch number display
  • Night button backlight
  • Quality black case

What we like:

  • Sleek design
  • Perfect for any decor

What we don't like:

  • No snooze buttons

FLOITTUY Twin Bell Alarm

Best Gift

FLOITTUY Twin Bell Alarm FLOITTUY Twin Bell Alarm Pixel

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Looking at this polish metallic piece, you could bet it can't make a sound. But, forget the display of innocence, the FLOTTUY Twin Bell has a loud deafening alarm. Place it by your bedside, and there's no way you're sleeping last your wake time. It features black Arabic numerals that are easy to read.

It also ensures that you enjoy your sleep with the silent operation of the hour and minute hands. What's more, it's eco-friendly because it runs on an AA battery power.

Product features:

  • Metal ears and ringer
  • Soft backlight
  • Laminated hands

What we like:

  • Eco friendly
  • Eye mask gift
  • Convenient and legible

What we don't like:

  • Not chargeable

REACHER BellPro Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Best Value

REACHER BellPro Twin Bell Alarm Clock REACHER BellPro Twin Bell Alarm Clock Pixel

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The BellPro Alarm Clock features dual alarms, in case you miss the first wake up call. It's easy to use and perfect for people with several schedules during the day. It comes with a non-ticking and friendly design that allows you to get a peaceful sleeping time.

It also has an easy alarm volume, which makes it convenient for a kid's bedside. More so, it has a clear backlight for easy readability.

Product features:

  • Small and portable
  • Digital display
  • Orange backlight

What we like:

  • Easy-to-find snooze button
  • Loud alarm

What we don't like:

  • Not loud enough

Twin Bell Alarm Clocks - Buyer's Guide

Getting a twin bell alarm clock is easy, considering that you can buy from any online or home gadget store. However, to get a quality clock that matches your taste, you need to consider some crucial factors. We discussed some important features below.


Once you lay your eyes on any of these hardcore analog timepieces, you can tell from the general double-bell and ringer design. However, certain differences exist among various brands and models. For instance, you should check if the clock is battery-powered or not.

Moreover, some brands like the Reacher Bell Pro come with a digital display that many analog lovers despise. Also, some brands feature a carbon-fiber finish, while others are either aluminum or steel. This feature also depends on where the bell will be; you might want to get a sturdy steel clock for the kiddy's room.


Once you have the design on lock, the next factor to consider is the alarm sound. You need a buzzer that is loud enough to bring you back from dreamland. However, this feature depends on how deep or heavy a sleeper you are.

If you are the type that needs subsequent calls from your buzzer, then you might consider getting a loud alarm clock. However, kids need a softer wake-up call, so their buzzer should have a smaller volume.


One of the first things you do when you wake up to an alarm is to check the time. Try and get a clock with enough backlight or lightened hands to enable you to see the time in the dark. This feature is present on all the best twin bell alarm clocks reviewed in this piece.


One would think that this shouldn't be a problem; after all, outdated gadgets should be cheap. Well, some high-end twin bell clock brands disagree with you. Therefore, you should check the clock you choose and ensure it tallies with your purse.

Final Thoughts

There is no such thing as obsolete when the function is yet guaranteed. Hence, if you have gotten to this point, it means that you're considering one of our top five best twin bell alarm clocks. Luckily, you are in good hands because our list oozes quality. Endeavor to go through our comprehensive guide to help you make the best choice. Our top pick in this round is the battery-operated Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock.