Best Stopwatches for Track and Field

5 Best Stopwatches for Track and Field in 2020

Updated: September 16, 2020

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Track and field is one of the sports where having a good stopwatch is very important. If it ticks you good, then you're on the right track, but if not, then you still take to the fields. In fact, the training ground is one place where the saying 'time is of the essence' plays out to the latter.

Considering this, you'd always want to have the best stopwatch for track and field. Hence, as you strive to perfect your runs or laps, also take out time to read this informative piece. We have here the reviews for the best stopwatch for track and field as well as a detailed buyers' guide.

Best Stopwatches for Track and Field

Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer

Editor's Choice

Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer Pixel

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Count your laps and keep them recorded in the Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer. The attractive timer keeps track of your time and recalls your previous duration excellently. You can see your records without stress thanks to the three-line display.

More so, it's a watch every coach will be proud of and happy to have because it's water-resistant and has a classic design. You need not worry about its accuracy, as it can keep up to 10 hours with 1/100 second resolution.

Product features:

  • Large three-row display
  • 100 dual split and laps
  • Recallable memory
  • Lithium battery

What we like:

  • Shows time and date
  • Stroke/frequency display
  • Five years warranty

What we don't like:

  • Faulty recall button

FINIS Stopwatch 3X-100M

Best Value

FINIS Stopwatch 3X-100M FINIS Stopwatch 3X-100M Pixel

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Get your stroke and stride rate on lock with the FINIS Stopwatch. You'll get not only the lap time but also the cumulative split timings thanks to the 100 dual split memory features. Moreover, no need for two times as it keeps a record of the first and second-place finish periods. It displays the timings in a manner that is easy to read.

Product features:

  • Stroke/stride rate display
  • Dual split memory
  • Cumulative and current time show

What we like:

  • Accurate
  • Easy to read

What we don't like:

  • Not water resistant

PULIVIA Sports Stopwatch

Best Budget

PULIVIA Sports Stopwatch PULIVIA Sports Stopwatch Pixel

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Experience accuracy in its best display with the PULIVIA Sports Stopwatch. With three rows of a sizeable digital screen, it shows you lap time, split time, and the current time all at once. It's a watch every coach would love to have because it reminds you of the next training time with an alarm and calendar. You can also record 100 lap times in this watch and recall then whenever you want!

Product features:

  • Countdown timer
  • Multifunctional alarm and calendar
  • Three rows large digital display
  • 1/100 second accuracy

What we like:

  • Takes note of your pace
  • Laps split and count all at the same time
  • User manual

What we don't like:

  • Annoying beep sounds

LEAP Stopwatch Professional Timer

Best Design

LEAP Stopwatch Professional Timer LEAP Stopwatch Professional Timer Pixel

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You hardly see such a blend of finesse and accuracy than the LEAP Professional Stopwatch. It counts down up from ten hours; so, you can begin your countdown anywhere you wish. You never lose focus with this clock as the alarm calls your mind back to the prize.

Also, the calendar keeps you updated on your schedule. It's a gadget for all weather as it is water-resistant, so suitable for the pool and rainy tracks.

Product features:

  • Recallable memory
  • Metronome function

What we like:

  • Easily read 3-row display
  • Useful for gymnastics

What we don't like:

  • Clears time when off

ACCUSPLIT AX602 Pro Memory Stopwatch

Best Gift

ACCUSPLIT AX602 Pro Memory Stopwatch ACCUSPLIT AX602 Pro Memory Stopwatch Pixel

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Multifunctional and versatile, the ACCUSPLIT has all you need to make it on time on the tracks. It features an LCD screen that shows much information all at once. You don't need to sit for a tutorial to use this watch as it comes with detailed instructions from the manufacturer. Get all your lap and cumulative times in one click.

Product features:

  • Stroke rate calculator
  • Trusted cycle button
  • Three-line LCD

What we like:

  • No-fail battery
  • Accurate

What we don't like:

  • Not waterproof

Stopwatch for Track and Field - Buyer's Guide

Nothing keeps track of your improvement in the fields better than a stopwatch. It doesn't matter if you're a swimmer, runner, or coach; the accuracy of that little time means a lot to your job. Hence, there a few things which make the best stopwatches stand out.


What's a stopwatch if it's not accurate? All stop clocks are built on the principle of precision. However, in a world where all things can't be equal, some watches are more precise than others.

Therefore, you should always lookout for the level of precision of a clock before buying it. This, however, depends on what and where you intend to use it. You could opt for a low-budget timepiece for kids doing their laps but stuck with best if you want to go pro level.


Apart from swimming athletes, the rain shouldn't be a deterrent to your progress on the tracks. Therefore, try and get a water-resistant stopwatch that can withstand the defects of moisture.

It's also necessary you check for this feature as it helps in durability and more extended service. Many elements could disrupt the operations if a stopwatch, so check for dust and shock-resistance too.


This feature is essential as it helps you to keep track of how fast you are out there. Although it's not all that necessary, there are levels you can't attain without keeping your focus. That's what lap timing helps you do; it lets you know how well you performed and what effort you need. Choose stopwatches that also have split timers.


Dead watches tell no time, so you must be mindful of the battery when buying. You should go for clocks that use lithium batteries, which last longer than other types.

Alarm and display

To attain the greatest height, you need to maintain focus. The stopwatch can also help you regain and sustain concentration with a simple call tone. It also allows you to know when you are reaching your goal or falling far from it. For instance, every athlete would appreciate a prompting sound when they're dropping speed.

Besides, choose a timepiece that can display the timing in a clear and straightforward manner. You don't want a confusing clock to mislead you on the tracks.

Final Thoughts

There's hardly any training ground for track and field games that don't have a stopwatch. Over the years, it has become the perfect yardstick for measuring improvement for athletes. Hence, it's essential that you have an excellent one. The article above reviewed the best stopwatches for track and field, with the Ultrak 100 Memory Timer topping our list.