Best Silent Alarm Clocks

5 Best Silent Alarm Clocks in 2021

Updated: October 20, 2020

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Getting a good night's sleep has become seemingly impossible for most people that a lot of us have resigned ourselves to living a life with less-than-ideal sleep.

However, it is possible. There's a way to arrange our rooms to be in perfect condition. We can minimize noise, both inside and outside, and we can even do something about snoring partners. Also, something that can also be solved is the loud alarm clock that our partner vehemently insists on using.

We're talking about silent alarm clocks here. Yes. It might sound counterintuitive. How would a clock wake you up outside of making noise? Apparently, there is a way to solve this. Or, rather, there are ways.

Below, we've rounded up five of the best silent alarm clocks that will wake you and your partner up without relying on volume.

Best Silent Alarm Clocks

Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

Editor's Choice

Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light Pixel

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The Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light is one of the best light alarm clocks on the market.

This silent alarm clock is used frequently in light therapy, and there's a good reason for this. It's fairly effective at mimicking the same calming dim brightness of nighttime. More importantly, it makes a pretty good impression of the energy-inducing light of natural sunrise. This makes it great for improving your energy and overall well-being, especially during the winter months.

The best part is that this is the only wake-up light on the market clinically proven to work.

How it works is awesome. It'll gradually wake you up using natural light that gradually increases in brightness. You then have the option to choose between 20 minutes to 40 minutes before the alarm of your clock goes off. After that, the speaker plays your alarm tune of choice. You can also use the built-in FM radio if you want.

If waking up with an alarm is not your thing, which it probably isn't, you can turn the volume down to zero.


  • You can set two different wake-up alarms
  • Solid build quality
  • Anti-slip rubber feet


  • Expensive

Tinload Analog Alarm Clock

Best Silent Analog Alarm Clock

Tinload Analog Alarm Clock Tinload Analog Alarm Clock Pixel

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What would you give to have an alarm clock that looks like an analog alarm clock but doesn't sound like one?

This quiet analog alarm clock is designed for minimal sound. It's large with a white dial contrasted by black Arabic numerals that are easy to see from afar. However, what belies its large size is its completely non-sounding function.

The lack of a tick-tock sound will take some time getting used to, but it's great if you need complete silence to fall asleep.

Speaking of sleep, the clock face itself isn't lighted by default. Instead, you'll have to light up the clock face by holding down the light button at the top. The snooze button is also found closeby if you need a few more minutes of rest.

The alarm is also cleverly designed not to startle you. It'll slowly ascend to four stages, starting with a more gentle sound. Then, if you don't wake up, the sound will only get louder and faster for up to an hour before it stops on its own, or you turn the alarm off or press the snooze button.

Because it runs on batteries, rest assured that it's going to try and wake you up, electricity be damned.


  • Non-startling alarm sound
  • Multiple color options to choose from
  • Easy to operate


  • No anti-slip feet

Sonic Alert SBP100

Best Silent Vibrating Alarm

Sonic Alert SBP100 Sonic Alert SBP100 Pixel

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If you travel a lot, you know how thin walls in the more affordable motels can get. You also know just how annoying it is to deal with neighbors complaining about you waking them up with your alarm.

With that said, we recommend the Sonic Alert SBP100.

Even if you do get to sleep in the fancier hotels and don't need to worry about waking other people up, the SB100 is great because it can and will wake you up.

Don't believe us? Sure. However, the noiseless alarm clock will definitely prove our claims true with its 90dB loud alarm clock and, more importantly, the bed-shaking function. You can set the alarm to vibrate only or buzz only or do both. You can also make it so that it doesn't make a sound, just in case you prefer waking up being shaken like there's an emergency.

Considering that this quiet alarm clock was made for those with hearing issues, it's definitely going to wake the average person up.

The only issue we see here is how it uses different batteries. It uses 2 AA batteries for the alarm but 1 AAA for the clock function.

Looking for different sizes of batteries can be a problem if you travel a lot.

Luckily, the unit ships with all three batteries, and it has a test button that you can use to check if your batteries are no longer working before you go.


  • User-friendly
  • You can test batteries, vibration, and sound
  • Compact and portable


  • Uses two different kinds of batteries

Casio Men's GD350-1B G-Shock Black Watch

Best Silent Alarm Watch

Casio Men's GD350-1B G-Shock Black Watch Casio Men's GD350-1B G-Shock Black Watch Pixel

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If you want an alarm clock that only wakes up one person, then look no further than one that you can wear on your wrist.

The Casio Men's GD350-1B G-Shock Black Watch is a good example.

Shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 660 feet, this men's watch has an auto LED backlight with flash alert as well. It also comes with 35 pre-set time zones for up to 100 cities with the city name on display. It has a daylight savings time function, with toggleable 12/24-hour formats, and a pre-programmed calendar until 2099.

To further add to the laundry list of things that this watch can do, it can work as a 1/100-second stopwatch and can measure elapsed time, split time, as well as 1st- and 2nd-place times.

This silent alarm watch also has a vibration alert. You can set it for daily alarms, a countdown timer, as well as an hourly time signal.


  • Backlight
  • Works in just about any condition and weather
  • Sound and vibration alarm


  • Vibration feels non-existent

TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch

Best Silent Alarm Wristband

TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch Pixel

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Fitness activity tracker watches can do a lot of things. This includes being a silent alarm wristband.

Slim and made out of high-quality, flexible, and durable TPU material, the TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch is an affordable solution to a lot of needs. It can function as a watch, an all-day step counter, a calorie counter, an auto-sleep monitor, and even as a silent vibrating personal alarm clock.

Because it has a 7-day battery that only needs to be charged within an hour or two, you can guarantee minimal downtime with this watch.

If you're looking for a wearable alarm clock alternative to traditional alarm clocks that you can wear while you're out jogging, this is for you.


  • Multifunctional
  • The screen is visible even in broad daylight
  • Can be used without a phone
  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Sleep tracking is pretty inaccurate

Silent Alarm Clocks - Buyer's Guide

If you're shopping for the best silent alarm clocks and can find what you want on our list, we do have a couple of tips to help you.

Get something with orange and red numbers

Most people who want soundless alarm clocks prefer a dark environment to sleep in. This is why it's important to choose the right colors.

Outside of red and orange, the other colors might be too bright. They'll end up disturbing you if not totally waking you up at night. This is why you go for red and orange. Not only are they bright enough to be seen at night, but they don't cast that glow that can potentially disturb your sleep.

Make sure to have the basics covered

An alarm clock has to be able to do one thing well: wake you up without being hard to set up. Everything else is gravy.

Of course, in your case, you'd prefer a silent alarm clock. In which case, you'll want something that can tell the time without being too loud.

More expensive doesn't always mean better

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get the best silent alarm clocks. You only need what will wake you up that also will not keep you awake.

Don't be afraid to try multiple alarm methods

The thing with no sound alarm clocks is that they're pretty unconventional. This means that it might take a while for you to find one that fits your needs.

As such, we recommend experimenting with alarm methods until you find the right one.

The best silent alarm clocks are the ones that give you the most energy when you wake up and make you feel less grumpy.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, these are the best silent alarm clocks available today.

We do recommend that you do your research and look up the many different ways alarm clocks can wake you up.

This way, you can come to your own conclusion and purchasing decision after putting in the effort and reading through our list of recommendations.

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