Best Kitchen Timers

5 Best Kitchen Timers in 2021

Updated: December 15, 2020

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A kitchen timer serves as an alarm clock that can be set for specific times to help you with cooking and baking. If you know how long your food should cook, kitchen timers will help you keep track of your cooking times. And they're usually decorative in their designs, making them attractive in your kitchen and suitable as tasteful gifts for friends and loved ones.

The following are kitchen timer reviews of some of the best kitchen timers in 2021.

Best Kitchen Timers

Best Digital Kitchen Timer:

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Best Mechanical Kitchen Timer:

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Best Durable Kitchen Timer:

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Best Simple Kitchen Timer:

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LIORQUE Digital Kitchen Timer

Best Digital Kitchen Timer

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The LIORQUE Magnetic Kitchen Timer is an easy-to-use cooking timer. Toddlers and the elderly can use it with no problem.

You can create a 99-minute countdown timer with this cooking timer. It can be placed anywhere inside the kitchen and has no loud, ticking noise. This means that it can also be used as a time management tool for students, as well as those who have a hard time concentrating.

It has an adjustable 3-level alarm set from entirely silent to 90dB, which is enough to be heard even in a busy kitchen. If the alarm is set to silent, the LED digital number display will instead flash to signify that the alarm has gone off.

The clock has a power-saving mode to help save energy. It dims after five seconds and shut down after another five seconds in this energy-saving mode.


  • Beautiful design
  • Clear display
  • Very easy to use


  • Nothing

Albayrak Kitchen Timer

Best Mechanical Kitchen Timer

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The Albayrak Kitchen Timer is a useful tool for time management, especially in the kitchen. It's made out of food-grade 304 stainless steel to guarantee that it can withstand the heat, or so to speak, making it both waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Meanwhile, it uses a saucer-shaped design that helps add to its aesthetics.

Fitted with a strong magnetic back, you don't have to worry about where to hang or place this kitchen timer. So long as it is a metal surface, the timer will stick. This makes it perfect for kitchen use, as well as in other places, even in classrooms.

The built-in 70dB alarm allows it to be heard inside a sizable room, especially if there's minimal noise.

Because of its accuracy, this manual kitchen timer can be used for other purposes, from studying to baking, cooking, and even exercising.

It's backed by a 1-year free replacement warranty, as well as lifetime technical support.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to use


  • Small numbers

LUX CU-100 Minute Minder

Best Durable Kitchen Timer

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Whether you need a timer for cooking, exercising, applying make-up, doing laundry, watering your plants, or reminding you of certain appointments, the Lux Cu100 Large Number Display Timer is an excellent choice. It's built to be very compact and easy to carry around anywhere.

Speaking of carrying the timer around, it comes with a belt and apron clip, as well as an easel stand and even a magnet. This means that you can carry it around with you or put it up on any desk. You may also stick it to your refrigerator's door or any other area that the magnet will adhere to.

For convenience, this digital kitchen timer comes with a built-in memory feature. This lets the timer remember the previous setting to make repeat timers possible without too much complication. You can then set the timer to count down or up to or from 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

Lastly, the biggest feature of this timer is its large and easy-to-read timer display. You'll be able to read what's on display from across a sizable room. This makes it very easy to use and versatile.


  • Durable
  • Has a memory
  • Nice and large display


  • Short timer duration (99 minutes and 59 seconds)

Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer

Best Simple Kitchen Timer

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The Wrenwane Timer has a large LED display with huge and bold digits to make sure that the timer can be seen from afar. It can count up to a maximum of 99 minutes and can count down and count up from zero. So, it can act as a stopwatch as well. This makes it perfect for use, not just in the kitchen, but for when you're exercising and in other settings.

The timer has multiple ways to be mounted. You can put it on any metal surface thanks to its magnetic back, or you can place it on top of anything via the retractable stand. You can also hang it on a wall hook. Since it's relatively light, you can even tie a string through it and hang it around your neck.

This digital kitchen timer has a relatively loud alarm that anyone can easily hear, even those who have hearing problems. It also saves power by having an on/off switch.


  • Ease of use
  • Volume (loud enough to be heard in adjacent rooms)


  • No backlight

KeeQii Kitchen Timer

Best Design

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The KeeQii Kitchen Timer is a mechanical kitchen timer that uses its easy-twist and one-key mechanical operation to count down from 60 minutes. It's so simple to use that even children and the elderly will not have any issues using it. This makes it the ideal time-management tool, not just for kitchens but also in classrooms and elderly homes.

To make sure that this cooking timer can be used anywhere, it comes with a strong magnetic back. All you need is a metal surface. The magnetic mechanical kitchen timer will hold to the surface just fine using the magnet.

If this is your first time using a mechanical timer, don't worry. It's very simple. All you need to do is to round the knob first an entire round in the clockwise direction. Start from the "0" digit and end only when you reach the "0" digit again. Then, once you're done, that's when you turn the knob back counterclockwise to how many minutes you want it to countdown from.

A 30-day full money warranty backs this analog kitchen timer.


  • Great design
  • No need for batteries


  • Somewhat noisy ticking sound

Kitchen Timers - Buyer's Guide

Kitchen timers are great tools that help users track the cooking times for different foods. They are ideal for baking, frying, cooking eggs, cookies, and potty training for children. Also, they are both easy to use and extremely versatile.

There is a multitude of timers from many different manufacturers on the market. It can be challenging to choose the best cooking timer to suit your purposes with so many available.

Here are some tips to help you find the best kitchen timer.

What type of kitchen timer do you need?

If you are looking for something simple and inexpensive, a mechanical timer might be your best option. As manual (mechanical) timers do not need batteries, in the long run, they are less expensive than digital ones (which require batteries, mostly AAA). However, digital timers are more accurate, and they are usually easier to read.

Digital timers can also be used for multiple tasks, and some models have backlights so that they can be used at night.

Most digital timers can function as a stopwatch, and they can usually count down from 99 minutes. Some cooking- timers can count down from 24 hours. Though, most mechanical timers can only be used as countdown timers with a maximum countdown duration of 60 minutes.

To briefly summarize, mechanical kitchen timers are the easiest units to use, and they work without batteries. Digital kitchen timers, though, offer more accuracy, larger displays, and additional features depending on the manufacturers' many models.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen timers are indispensable in the kitchen. They have more functionality than the primitive hourglass-like egg timer devices used in the past. And they can be used for other tasks besides cooking.

When choosing the best kitchen timer for your needs, consider the differences between the mechanical and digital kitchen timers available on the market. Mechanical timers do not need batteries to operate, but digital timers offer greater accuracy and usually have additional functions.

What is the best kitchen timer?

We'd recommend the Albayrak Kitchen Timer, which has a great design, a loud alarm, and several other great features.

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