Best Clocks - Clock Buyer's Guide

Are you looking for the best clock? Then, check our reviews and buyer's guide to find the best clocks available on the market in 2021.

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Best Clocks - Clock Buyer's Guide

Have you ever imagined what the world would be without a time-keeping device? How jumbled up would the schedules be? Everything we do is a function of time, and this makes a clock with seconds very important.

Best Clocks in 2021

It is not a secret that you need the best clock to see the time in one glance. But what is the best clock?


La Crosse Technology UltrAtomic Analog Stainless Steel Wall Clock

Best Atomic Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology UltrAtomic Analog Stainless Steel Wall Clock La Crosse Technology UltrAtomic Analog Stainless Steel Wall Clock Pixel

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The advantage of owning an atomic wall clock is that you don't have to set it anymore.

Whereas other clocks you have to set it to forget it, an atomic wall clock gives you no trouble because it sets itself by receiving an atomic time signal. However, what makes the La Crosse Technology UltrAtomic Analog Stainless Steel Wall Clock unique is its dual antennas.

Because of the dual antennas, this atomic wall clock is able to receive reception even in places where other atomic wall clocks normally wouldn't. This is a huge advantage in places where you need an atomic clock that can be set to follow any timezone from all around the globe accurately but usually have reception issues.

In addition to this, the UltrAtomic comes with an additional battery compart and a power-saving Eco-mode. These two combine to allow the clock to operate for a much longer time compared to other atomic clocks.

The manufacturers go as far as to claim that this clock has a battery life of five years!

As a bonus, this clock has a stainless steel framework that keeps it looking sleek and professional while also giving it the durability it needs to outlast its ridiculously long-expected battery life.

Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock

Best Digital Wall Clock

Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock Pixel

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Atomic wall clocks need not always look old or vintage. In fact, this age-old technology has made its way to more modern-looking clocks. A good example is the Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock.

This digital wall clock doesn't have the standard clock face. Instead, it has a huge 7-inch LCD display. This makes it easier for you to view the time. The time is also self-adjusting and self-setting. It receives radio frequency broadcasts from the NIST in Colorado.

Speaking of time, you can choose whether to display the time in 12-hour formats or 24-hour formats. This clock also doubles as an alarm clock as it has an alarm function with a snooze feature, and you can also switch easily between multiple time zones with the option to toggle off or on support for Daylight Savings Time.

Basically, this atomic clock is a clock for those who want a no-fuss clock but want a clock that also looks modern at the same time.

AcuRite 75100 LED Wall Clock

Best LED Wall Clock

AcuRite 75100 LED Wall Clock AcuRite 75100 LED Wall Clock Pixel

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Do you need a huge LED wall clock to help tell you the time, so you're not always late for your appointments? Well, say no more!

The AcuRite 75100 LED Wall Clock is an American-made product. Because of this, every purchase you make means that you're helping support the local economy directly by employing fellow Americans.

Supporting local businesses aside, what makes this LED wall clock unique is its huge display.

Whereas other LED wall clocks max out at either 7 inches or 10 inches, this LED wall clock has large 18-inch numbers. This means that the numbers are so large that you can view them safely from right across the street. You definitely won't have to squint anymore to tell the time when you are looking at this LED wall clock.

In addition to the time, this LED wall clock can also tell you the date and day of the week.

The clock is powered by a 9-foot power adapter with internal cord storage for better organization.

Seiko Light Oak Traditional Schoolhouse Wall Clock

Best Pendulum Wall Clock

Seiko Light Oak Traditional Schoolhouse Wall Clock Seiko Light Oak Traditional Schoolhouse Wall Clock Pixel

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The Seiko Light Oak Traditional Schoolhouse Wall Clock is the perfect centerpiece timepiece that will help complete the look of your room.

This pendulum wall clock comes with a traditional octangle off-white clock face that pairs beautifully with its Roman numerals. This creates a striking facade that will turn the heads of anyone who passes through it. But, of course, this clock isn't just all looks and no function.

In addition to its beautiful looks, this wall clock comes with multiple chime functions. It has a quarter-hour chime and an hourly chime, as well as an automatic chime silencer function. It also lets you control the volume of the chime so that it can be as loud or as silent as you want it to be.

The swinging of the metal pendulum is as captivating as it is hypnotic and you can spend quite some time simply admiring it going back and forth.

This clock comes shipped with the 1C battery that's powering this. So, after setting it, you can just wait for it to make beautiful chime sounds at specific intervals all throughout the day.

Bulova B7467 Hardwick Clock

Best Mantle Clock

Bulova B7467 Hardwick Clock Bulova B7467 Hardwick Clock Pixel

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Mantel clocks are essentially clocks meant for decorative purposes. They're usually small and placed on shelves, mantels, and other places near or above the fireplace. However, they must have excellent aesthetics to make them stand out because of their small size.

A good example of a good-looking mantel clock is the Bulova B7467 Hardwick Clock.

This desk clock is made out of imported wood with a walnut finish complemented perfectly by a decorative glass screen and a metal pendulum with a brass-finish.

While not necessarily the most functional clock, this is a thing of beauty. You'll love having this clock on your mantel to look at when you're sitting by your fireplace and relaxing.

Clock Buyer's Guide

You might ask the question, of what use is it buying a clock? Since you can view the time on devices, you own. Well, here are some reasons why you need to buy a watch:

  • It is an excellent addition to a room
  • It gives house guests the privilege of viewing the time without pulling out their devices
  • A clock also improves the aesthetics of the room, especially when it has an artistic design.

Some factors you need to consider before buying a clock includes:

  • Part of the house where you mount the clock
  • What other purposes other than keeping time the clock serves
  • How loud the clock sounds
  • Clock design

Frequently Asked Questions About Clocks

Here are the frequently asked questions about clocks.

What Is the First Clock Invented?

The first device used for measuring the time was a sundial, a device that tells the time by the position of the Sun. It displays the position of a shadow on a flat surface on a sunny day. On the other hand, it is also known that many ancient civilizations used various methods before sundials like stone circles to time seasonal events.

What Is a Water Clock?

A water clock is one of the oldest time-measuring instruments along with sundials. It measures the time by the regulated flow of liquid into or out from a vessel. Water clocks were commonly used in ancient Greece, where they were introduced by Plato, who also invented a water-based alarm clock.

What Is a Mechanical Clock?

A mechanical clock keeps track of the time by using the verge escapement mechanism, an important technology that made possible the development of all-mechanical clocks. They tracked time more accurately than sundials or water clocks. It is thought that they were invented in Europe at around the start of the 14th century.

What Is a Pendulum Clock?

A pendulum clock is a precise timekeeper that uses a pendulum as its timekeeping element. It was the standard timekeeping device in Europe from the time it was invented in 1656 by the Dutch horologist Christiaan Huygens, until the 1930s. Therefore, many credit Huygens as the inventor of modern clocks, and one of the best watchmakers of all time.

What Is an Electric Clock?

Unlike mechanical clocks that are powered by hanging weight, an electric clock is a clock powered by electricity, invented in 1815 by Francis Ronalds. In the 1930s, the synchronous electric clocks replaced mechanical clocks as the standard timekeeping device in the world.

What Is a Quartz Clock?

A quartz clock is an electronic oscillator powered clock which is regulated by a quartz crystal, a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. The first quartz clock was built in 1927 at Bell Telephone Laboratories.

What Is an Atomic Clock?

An atomic clock is a type of clock that uses atomic transitions to measure the time precisely. Today, atomic clocks are the most accurate timekeeping device in practical use.

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