How to Set an Alarm on a Macbook?

How to Set an Alarm on a Macbook?

Updated: November 17, 2020

We cannot overstate the role that alarm clocks play in our lives. From waking us up from deep sleep to reminding us of crucial appointments, they enable discipline. They also help us manage the important commodity called time.

However, one recurring question people ask is, does the MacBook have an alarm clock? The short answer to this question is no. But if we change the question to, can you set an alarm on your MacBook? Then it would be a big yes!

MacBook, unlike smartphones and Windows computers, does not come with a clock app. Regardless, this article would teach us how to set an alarm on a MacBook.

How to Set an Alarm on Your Mac?

There is no built-in alarm clock application on a Mac. However, you can use other applications to set an alarm on your Mac.

To set a MacBook Pro alarm clock or MacBook air alarm clock, you can use one of the following methods:


  • Open the Calendar app
  • Click "File" on the top menu
  • Click "New Event"
  • Type in an event name
  • Tap the return key to create the event

To add an alert:

  • Expand the event time
  • Click the dropwdown next to "alert:"
  • Select "Custom"
  • Click "Message with sound"
  • Change the "minutes before" to "At time of event"
  • Click OK to set the alarm

Ensure to keep the MacBook on, as the system would only notify you if the MacBook is awake.

Reminder app

Follow these steps to set an alarm using the Reminder app:

  • Open the Reminders app
  • Click the plus sign (+) button in your Reminders list
  • Type in a name for your reminder
  • Click the "i' icon next to the reminder
  • Check the box next to "On a Day" and then "At a Time"
  • Select the day and time for the reminder
  • Click "Done" to save reminder

Online alarm clock

Another alternative alarm clock for Mac is the Online Alarm Clock. It is reliable, free, and can alert you at the right time. The only requirement here is that you do not mute your MacBook.

How to Set an Alarm on Mac in Sleep Mode?

The prerequisite for your alarm to ring is the MacBook staying on. Once the Mac sleeps, the alarm does not go off, and you do not get any notification.

How do I make sure my Mac doesn't go to sleep?

To keep your MacBook awake, you need a third-party app. An app like Amphetamine keeps the Mac awake, preventing it from going into sleep mode.